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Bombay chatt rum

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The food to an outsider seems a very weird concotion of many colorful and spicy items.
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Taxi instructions: Crawford Market, then walk through the market; dont try navigating these crowds in a car.If you walk from Nariman Point, by the time you reach this more-or-less-literal hole-in-the-wall youll be ready for the eponymous style of ice cream that is the only thing they serve.This is my way).Nariman Point, Mumbai, Mahrshtra 400021, India.

Ice Cream, movenpick flavours available in vanilla strawberry, chocolate, mint choc chip, hazelnut and cinnamon.
Taxi instructions: Marine Drive, Chowpatty (Kulfi Centre is on online kön spel för iphone the north side of the road, across from the beach) Papanas Wadi, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Britannia (also featured on this map) may be Mumbais most famous Irani joint, but the oddly named By the Way.
Gokul in Colaba is a classic, beloved among tourists and locals alike.
My very first memory is of frantically running down the stairs of my home in Chandigarh and squeezing my way onto a crowded rickshaw.
The street snacks are usually eaten right away or on the go, hence the displsable paper plates and spoons.Until the 1970s, the tiny state of Goa south of Mumbai was part of Portugal, and the food still bears that influence, especially among the states carnivorous Catholics.Split it (its too rich to tackle alone) along with an order of deliciously oily kheema sali (mutton mince with fried string potato) over a cold liter of beer.Try rajma (kidney beans) with alu methi (potatoes and fenugreek).Finally, satisfy your sweet tooth with hand-churned guava or mango ice cream at century-old Taj Ice Creams, or with phirni (a thick semolina pudding) and deep-fried malpua svart porr cam (a sweet, eggy pancake) at Tawwakal Sweets.Note: Serves weekday lunch only.Yes, life in the fast lane.December 9, 2015, are you craving Bombay Street Food and Can't catch up with the Truck?I wanted to be with my American friends and do summer-time American things.

After visiting the the popular antiques market known as Chor Bazaar, seek out this rich stew of bone marrow and mutton shank, developed in the 17th-century courtly kitchens of Mughal Delhi.
Finish with sweetened yogurt in a clay cup: the classic Bengali sweet known as mishti doi.