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Sex rum ludacris ladda ner

In my sex room, let the candles burn, imma turn these lights down.
But your T-shirts and your panties.
Damn right imma get that thang imma put my name on it all chattar live messenger night imma whip dat thang allstate betta put a claim on it i claim my territory, my tounge finna mark you up you could be my firecracker, my tongue finna spark you.Where your body meets my body its our private afterparty if you want it girl i got it in my sex room!Chorus: Trey, welcome to my sex room!Strip down get ready for seduction.Other Versions (2 of 2 view All.Or imagined that you could have in a lifetime I'll be your one and only lover and your one and only plumber When you need me I'll be movin through your pipeline Whether it's night time or the daylight When it's the right time, what.Tell me what it is i gotcha babe!Marvo - claims he concocted the original concept for "Sex Room" back in 2009.Right hand left hand on red in the bed like we've been playin twister now i got you tangled up you caught all in my web should i let you loose?You could stare all in the mirror take a peek at how good you lookin imma have yo body smokin take a look at what luda's cookin my arm underneath yo leg legs all behind ya head is how i gots ta getcha!

Cuz I got one thing on my mind, I'll be your valentine.
But I won't stop til I make you mine.
Robin Thicke - Breakdown Whoa 4x Girl, it's your body we can do whatever you like 2x It's your body we can ride and rock and roll Ride and rock and roll Ride and rock, oh oh oh oh Chorus It's your body, gömda flickor duscha we can.A year before Luda released it with Trey Songz.So get ready to sweat your ass off.Chorus Poznaj historię zmian tego tekstu.Robin Thicke - Verse 1, stressed aol chatt rum gratis online out, uptight, over worked wow'd.Take a couple days off take it off leave nothing but ya tshirt ya panties on feelin high but im hung real low lookin sorta like a tri.It's so therapeutic, how I.Baby wont you dance in the sex room?

Get into it, you gots.